Rita and I meet about once every six months not just because we want to but because I think we have to.  God tells us when it’s time.  She knows my stuff, I know hers and we genuinely want what God wants for each other’s lives.  She is not afraid to speak the truth and I need that.  She is not afraid of what the Holy Spirit is doing in her life and the world needs that.  God uses her to feed my soul – deeply.

On this day, we decide to meet at Red Robin, a fun burger kind of restaurant.  The hostess seats us and we begin catching up as we look over the many menu options before us.  The waitress comes over, greets us with a friendly smile and asks what she can get us to drink.  She is a cute brunette, looks to be in her early to mid-20’s and her nametag says Kristen.  We both smile back, tell her our choices and as she walks away we go right back to our conversation.

Remember how I told you Rita is not afraid of the Holy Spirit?  Well, here you go!

Kristen returns, puts our drinks on the table, again with a smile, gets out her notepad and pen, makes a funny comment about the numerous burger choices and asks us if we know what we would like to eat.  As she speaks, Rita is looking intently at her and then instead of responding with an answer that included onions and cheese, this is what she said, “Honey, the Lord has something to tell you today.  Would it be alright with you if I told you what it is?”

There were a few seconds of anticipatory silence as we watched Kristen’s face change.  The acting left her as she slowly and quietly nodded her head and answered yes.

“The Lord wants you to know that He knows how lonely you have been.  He has seen you struggling with this loneliness for a while now and He has been with you through it all. You have not been alone.  He wants you to know that this time will not last forever, it will soon be coming to an end and you will feel joy again.  He loves you very much and wants you to know how He cherishes you as His daughter.”

Rita kept eye contact with her as if to mentally hold her hand as she processed what she just heard.  The dazed look on Kristen’s face indicated she was in a bit of shock and her next action confirmed it.  She timidly said, “Oh, ok, thank you” and then turned and slowly walked away with the notepad and pen still poised in position.

Rita and I looked at each other and smiled, understanding that the Holy Spirit was doing something profound right here at Red Robin.

After a couple of minutes, Kristen came back to the table, looked straight at Rita and said “I was telling my friend back there what happened, and I couldn’t remember everything you said.  I was stunned because people just don’t come out and say things like this at a restaurant.  But I really want to know what God said to me because I have been lonely and thought this is what my life was going to be about from now on.  My friend said she was sure you would tell me again, so will you tell me again?”

Rita did and this time the look on her face was pure joy and excitement.  It was clear the Lord had touched her in a place that desperately needed to be reached.   Without concern for how this might be perceived by the world, Rita had yielded to the Holy Spirit to bring the Kingdom to bear in this girl’s life.  Quite amazing!

The lunch ended with an exchange of phone numbers and a hope for a different future.

Oh and by the way, I think our order did involve onions and cheese.


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