It was always my girlhood dream to marry a divorced minister with two small children.

(Pause for hysterical laughter!)

Yet that plan of God is exactly what I have been living out since 1995.  And with my terrific minister husband, two step-sons and two birthed sons later, here we are.  Ok, do you have to say “step” when they are just like your own?

I am a Nebraska girl who married a Georgia boy.  I say “you guys” and he says “ya’ll”.  I eat butter and sugar on my grits and he eats butter and salt on his. I am Cornhusker red, he is Auburn orange and it somehow strangely works.  I am constantly striving to get southern cornbread and country biscuits just right and I make a mean chicken alfredo!

The first two boys have a southern accent and the second two not so much but they still understand each other just fine.  Between the four, our lives have been full of baseball, ROTC, wrestling, track, lacrosse, fishing and Jesus.  Always Jesus!

Especially Jesus when, in 2008, our oldest son, by his own hand, went to live with the Lord.  The years since then have forged a bond with God that is unlike anything the world can offer.

I pay lots of attention to what’s going on in the world because God asks us to go into it to transform it.  I want to know what I’m dealing with.

We live in a suburb of Atlanta and our life is a story of joy, pain, struggle and triumphs just like yours.  We have decided to ride this roller coaster of a ride with Jesus and He has never disappointed us.  We’ve screwed it up plenty of times but each time pulls me closer to the One who is constantly singing over me.  I want to live the Kingdom in this life and point people to it in the next.

It’s a goal!