This was the challenge I gave myself…

Every day, find one place where I saw Jesus at work and at the end of the day, write it down.  Sounds kind of simple and like a second grade writing assignment, right?  I needed simple, I needed to be reminded of the foundation of my faith that says Jesus pays attention to all things.

Everything in my life felt messed up – how I dealt with family, friends, finances, the house, church – everything.  I couldn’t see anything beyond all the junk that kept happening and it had succeeded in bringing me to a place where all I saw was negative.

Basically, I had been neglecting my relationship with Jesus and it was showing.  God was reminding me that He was there and all I needed to do was shift my eyes.

So, day by day, I tackled my own challenge, sought out that one place where Jesus showed up and identified it.

It felt pretty good to actually do this and I started looking forward to the end of the day when I could reflect on how I had seen Him at work and write it down.  And then towards the middle of my challenge, something quite amazing happened.  As I began to search for God in one thing each day, I ended up finding Him in all things.

My own stories of recognizing God’s presence in those hard days became lifesavers for me.  For when I struggled, I was able to pull out reserves – the written testimonies of all the places God had shown up- and it lifted me.

As you read the reflections here, I pray you come to realize these things:  First, the Kingdom of God is real and He is showing up all over humanity! Despite how the enemy is shoving darkness in our faces every day, God is displaying astounding light if only we choose to see it.

Secondly, Jesus offers us a relationship that is beyond our wildest expectations.  A one on one relationship with Him is more real than anything we have ever experienced.  He loves us so much and wants us to know it.

Third, the enemy is also real and wants to separate us from God our Friend and Savior.  In order to fend him off, we have the ultimate weapon in the form of the name of Jesus and we must pick it up often and with boldness.  We must be intentional about incorporating His awesome name and nature into the fabric of our day.

And finally, life is so much better outside of ourselves.  Jesus’ offer of relationship includes those whose needs are just as real as ours and when we engage those needs, that concept of  the “abundant life” we read about in scripture comes to life.

Something God Happened Today and I am excited to tell you about it!

So glad you are here!  Welcome!