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God Wants a Relationship With Us

“Tell Her I Love Her”

Featured Home Posts, God Wants a Relationship With Us, Life is Better Outside of Yourself August 21, 2018

I had been sitting at the table with her for the last three Tuesdays and had no knowledge of her life outside of the little she had shared about her husband and children. So when I heard “Tell her I love her,” I shoved that thought right down to the bottom of the long list in my brain.

“Tell her I love her”. There it was again.

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I Was Fired Today

Be Intentional, God Wants a Relationship With Us April 4, 2018

I was fired today. Yep, fired.

And I only have myself to blame. Not because I didn’t do my job. I did. I worked hard, strived to learn all that was required of me, put in overtime, volunteered for extra assignments and worked successfully with people in other departments.

No, the reason I got fired is one I’m not at all proud of – I ignored the Holy Spirit and took a job He whispered to me not to take.

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Rita at Red Robin

God Wants a Relationship With Us February 28, 2018

Rita and I meet about once every six months not just because we want to but because I think we have to. God tells us when it’s time. She knows my stuff, I know hers and we genuinely want what God wants for each other’s lives. She is not afraid to speak the truth and I need that. She is not afraid of what the Holy Spirit is doing in her life and the world needs that. God uses her to feed my soul – deeply.

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