I have a life statement and here it is…

“Everything is always about relationship.”

I heard an analogy once that made a lot of sense.  It came from a former military pilot turned chaplain.

In simple terms, he says every time he gets in his jet to fly, he fuels the engine, checks the systems, checks the weather, sets the coordinates and takes off.

He is confident of the destination and his desire to get there but because conditions and obstacles are constantly changing, he must check in frequently with the navigation system that is designed to get him to the end point.  For even a few degrees off could put him hundreds of miles from his original destination.  He must be intentional about checking his course.

Doesn’t it make sense then, that when we get up in the morning with the goal of walking with Jesus, we frequently check in with Him throughout the day to see if our direction is still good?  For even a few degrees off can result in our nights being in a whole different place than what we intended that morning.

A relationship with Jesus doesn’t just happen and the enemy has thousands of things at his disposal to keep us from moving closer to Him.  Unless we intentionally set our minds on the Lord, calling on His name frequently throughout the day, the enemy will succeed.

Be intentional!


P.S.  Here are more aeronautical analogies for you – just because I think they are cool!

As one pilot instruction manual put it, “Pilots should carry appropriate and current aeronautical charts on all cross-country flights.  Having available the information contained in current charts will enhance the pilot’s ability to complete the flight with greater confidence, ease, and safety.”

My appropriate and current charts are scripture!  I want to be able to refer to them any time I need to know how to navigate.

All pilots will tell you, “Fuel is life.”  My fuel is the Holy Spirit.  If I don’t keep my tank full of His Spirit, I will most certainly crash and burn.

Can you think of more flying analogies?  Send them to me!

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